Keynote Lectures

Section 1

M.G. Alexandru, M. Andruh - Heteroleptic Cyanido Metalloligands – toward New Magnetic Molecular Materials - Saturday, September 5th, 11:30

C. Deleanu - NMR Spectroscopy: Pure, Impure or Mixtures? - Friday, September 4th, 15:00

A.E. Ion, S. Shova, M. Andruh, S. Nica - Supramolecular Organic Synthesis using Azulene Derivatives - Friday, September 4th, 15:30

A.I. Iorgu, C. Matei, R.A. Mitran, C. Munteanu, D. Berger - Mesoporous Titania as Vehicle in Drug Delivery Systems - Friday, September 4th, 17:15

Section 2

A. Cozea, R. Gruia, V. Tamas, M.Popescu, M. Neagu - Plant Enzyme Extracts Obtaining, Immobilization on Activated Charcoal, for use in Dietary Supplement Industry - Friday, September 4th, 15:00

Section 3

L. Anicai, S. Costovici, O. Brincoveanu, A.G. Apaz, C.M. Pereira, A.F. Silva, T. Visan - Corrosion Performance of Electrochemically Obtained Ni-Mo and Co-Mo Alloys Coatings Involving Ionic Liquids Analogues - Thursday, September 3rd, 17:15

E. Saint-Aman - Design and Redox Control of Switchable Supramolecular Assembly - Saturday, September 5th, 11:30

P. Uusi-Kyyny, M.S. Qureshi, D. Richon, V. Alopaeus - Phase Equilibria Related to Bio-oil systems - Thursday, September 3rd, 15:00

Section 4

T. Dobre - New Chemical Engineering Aspects in Synthesis and Use of Bacterial Cellulose - Friday, September 4th, 17:15

V. Plesu, P. Iancu, J. Bonet-Ruiz, A. Toma, N.G. Stefan, V. Mihai - Laboratory Pilot Plant Prototypes for Reactive Distillation - Thursday, September 3rd, 15:00

M.C. Dumitrescu - Added Value of Advanced Process Control Implementation for Refinery Processes - Friday, September 4th, 15:30

Y. Sun, A.G. Chmielewski - Industrial Use of Electron Beam in the Area of Environmental Protection, Material Modification and Food Processing - Thursday, September 3rd, 17:15

Section 5

I. Ilsidak - Emerging Sensing Technologies: Precise Detection Cystic Fıbrosis Disease, Urea Watch, Ischemia Modified Albumin Detection, Continues Monitoring of Plant Nutrients in Hydrophonic Greenhouse, and in Soils - Thursday, September 3rd, 17:15

R. Kataky - The Curious Behaviour of Ferrocenated Gold Nanoparticles - Thursday, September 3rd, 15:00

Section 6

L.M. Crica, E. Vasile, M. Ionita, H. Iovu - Graphene Oxide Based Materials with Osteoconductive Features - Saturday, September 5th, 11:30

V. Harabagiu, Liviu Sacarescu - Polyhydrosilanes: Advanced Materials for Optoelectronics - Thursday, September 3rd, 15:00

A.C. Ianculescu, D.C. Berger, C.A. Vasilescu, B.S. Vasile, G. Fantozzi, I. Pintilie, L. Trupina, L.P. Curecheriu, L. Mitoseriu - Modification of Functional Properties Induced by Size Effects in Barium Titanate Zirconate Ceramics - Friday, September 4th, 15:00

X. Spiliotis, V. Karayannis, K. Ntampegliotis, S. Lamprakopoulos, G. Papapolymerou - Valorization of Olive-mill Wastewater in Ceramic Manufacturing Focusing on Energy Savings and CO2 Emission Reductions - Friday, September 4th, 17:15