Plenary Lectures

Jens Enevold Thaulov ANDERSEN (Botswana International University of Science and Technology) - New concepts of Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry: Will they Influence the Way We Conduct Science in General? - Saturday, September 5th, 8:00

Ecaterina ANDRONESCU (University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest) - Nanoparticles: A Challenge of the Future - Wednesday, September 2nd, 17:15

Wim BUIJS (Delft University of Technology) - Shape-selective Diisopropylation of Naphthalene in H-Mordenite: Myth or Reality? - Thursday, September 3rd, 9:30

Alexandre DIMIAN (University of Amsterdam) - Innovation in sustainable Chemical Process Design: from fossil to renewable raw materials - Saturday, September 5th, 8:45

Reza DJELVEH (Polytech Clermont-Ferrand) - Contribution of chemical engineering concept for developing food process engineering. Example of osmotic dehydration and foaming process. - Friday, September 4th, 11:15

Ionel HAIDUC (University "Babes-Bolyai" Cluj-Napoca) - Inverse Coordination. A New Concept in Inorganic Chemistry. - Friday, September 4th, 12:15

Wolfgang HERRMANN (Technische Universität München) - n-Heterocyclic Carbenes as Ligands for Organometallic Compounds – New Developments - Thursday, September 3rd, 8:00

Evamarie HEY-HAWKINS (Universität Leipzig) - Boron Clusters in Medicinal Chemistry - Friday, September 4th, 9:30

Henning HOPF (Technische Universität Braunschweig) - 150 Years after Kekulé – from planar to three-dimensional aromatic compounds - Thursday, September 3rd, 11:15

Jean-Nöel JAUBERT (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Industries Chimiques) - Numerically Assisted Design of Hybrid Hydrocarbon-Alcohol Fuels - Thursday, September 3rd, 8:45

Mariya KHODAKOVSKAYA (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) - Regulation of Plant Growth and Development by Application of Nano-sized Materials - Friday, September 4th, 8:00

Jiri Jaromir KLEMES (University of Pannonia) - Export-Import of Virtual Carbon Emissions and Water Flows Embodied in International Trade. How Chemical Engineering Can Contribute to Solve the Problem. - Saturday, September 5th, 9:45

Ion NEDA (Technische Universität Braunschweig) - Control of Structure and Functionality of Amino Acids and Natural-Based Glycopeptides by Incorporating them in Host Molecules - Friday, September 4th, 8:45

Sorin ROSCA (University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest) - New Carbon-Carbon Coupling Reactions Mediated by Aluminum, Chromium and Samarium Reagents - Saturday, September 5th, 10:30

Dieter SCHLÜTER (ETH Zürich) - Synthesis of 2D polymers - Friday, September 4th, 13:00

Livia SIMON SARKADI (Corvinus University of Budapest) - Biogenic amine formation in fermented food and their impact on health - Friday, September 4th, 10:30

Bogdan SIMIONESCU ("Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi) - Polymer engineering focusing on drug/gene delivery and tissue engineering: from simple towards complex architectures and hybrid materials - Thursday, September 3rd, 13:00

Matthias TAMM (Technische Universität Braunschweig) - Catalytic Alkyne and Butadiyne Metathesis - Thursday, September 3rd, 10:30

Jeffrey Chi-Sheng WU (National Taiwan University) - CO2 Photoreduction to Renewable Energy via Artificial Photosynthesis - Thursday, September 3rd, 12:15